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Last Updated: 02 September 2005
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The Irish Challenge in the Mongol Rally

Welcome to The Mongolian Rally website. This site is dedicated to the Irish challenge in forthcoming Mongol Rally by two buddies who have completely lost the plot and are going to drive from London to Mongolia in junkyard car with an engine the size of a food blender.
The Mongol Rally pits 80 teams in a 10,000 mile dash across two continents, 5 mountain ranges, two deserts, through 13 countries, revolutions and all, in a bunch of beaten up old bangers. It is not about big budgets, competition prepared cars or an overall victor. It is about good old style adventure, no back up, no sat phones, nobody to bail you out if the shit hits the fan, or the fan falls off alltogether and above all, raising money for Charity

The Adventure Begins July 29th

2 Men, 20 Countries, 10,000 Miles in 1 Month for 2 Charities.

Follow The Adventure from this site as the only two Irish people mental enough take on this mission impossible.

Why? The immense sense of adventure of travelling 1/3rd of the world's surface with no support truck in some place that are not altogether safe while taking in some stunning scenery not often seen by westerners coupled with the ability to make a difference by raising money for good causes. Why not?

The Rally has one basic rule. Well actually has one rule period. No car must have an engine greater than 1,000cc?s This is a pretty limiting factor for a rally that takes in over 4,000 miles of non surfaced road. So wish us luck, we need it, and your support is gratefully accepted. To help, donate or for further details email us info@mongolrally.net