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The Maxolification Process

April 27th - We finally got it!!

The Wreck

A nineteen year old piece of Japanese engineering splendour. I guess in Japan these seem a bit bigger (Note to self, start diet to fit behind steering wheel)! I hope Mr Suzuki is proud of our endeavours to nearly return this lost historical automotive masterpiece back to Japan! Perhaps the next lucky owner in Mongolia will take on another leg from UlaanBaatar to the Japanese Motoring Hall of Fame in Tokyo!!

Its a 998cc Suzuki SJ soft top jeep. As you can see from the photo it seems to be "NATO Green" a lovely colour to drive across Russia!!! We just bought it on e-Bay so we really are not too sure how roadworthy it is yet. John plans to pick it up on Sunday in Durham and drive it to London, bets anybody?. So if you see him stuck on the side of the A1 give him a beep. I expect we might be in need of a few spares, so drop us a line if you happen to know of any Suzuki spares knocking around. Now the work begins. Any suggestions for the new colour?!

John pretending that the door won't fall off if he lets go

John pretending that the door won't fall off if he lets go

executive transport

Setting new standards in executive transport


All executive SUV's should come with a multi-gym as standard


We have flown in some specialist car electricians form Japan, for reliable wiring, however due to the high cost of air fare we could only afford to fly the electricians that were eligible for the special airfare discount card for being over 100 years old

Virgin Mary

Some people have noticed if you look long enough at the oil splatter on the inside bonnet (hood) lid that they can see the face of the Virgin Mary"......................."fair enough

10,000 mile dash

The 10,000 mile dash!


This is no joke, we bought this jeep on ebay, john went to Durham and drove it to London. Left it for the last two weeks in front of his apartment. I arrive in the other day from Milan go out for a quick spin in the "MongolChallenger" and john opens the glove locker for the first time and pulls out a DAGGER!. Excuse me, but who the hell sells a car with a DAGGER in the glove locker!................ Small add....... Unwanted Dagger fits Suzuki 410 glove locker bargin for any maniacs

electro shock treatment

John has invented a new mobile form of electro shock treatment, I suspect this could be popular with most of the drivers of the Mongol Rally, whom evidently need it

10,000 miles

Good for 10,000 miles of hard driving?..............................No, I didn't think so either

Porsche jeep?

Even the new Porsche jeep does not have a special under bonnet briefcase holder"................."I'm still not sure what's inside"............"Any ideas!!


High quality sound system, separate timber framed speakers for enhanced sound delivery in the desert

bullet holes

For some strange reason our jeep seems to have come factory fitted with bullet holes, personally I prefer heated seats

St. James's Consultancy

Due to the amazing amount of red tape involved in getting Visa's, we enlisted the help of St. James's Consultancy in South Kensington to assist with the visa applications and Embassy stuff, this was deemed to be a much better idea than two Irish guys cruising the Embassy District of London in a military painted jeep. If you look carefully you can notice Kensington's council's view of charity rally's, ?50 fine and ?65 to remove the clamp. Thanks for the support Mr Clamper!

Irish Army

Irish Army helping out with some useful tips on Clay Pigeon shooting Russian style! One needs to be prepared for all eventualities on a rally like this.
If you look very closely there is strange activity going on at the back of the tank.

cappuccino machine

Meanwhile rally preparations take a turn for the worse as the Suzuki turns into and cappuccino machine.

Like I have any idea what I'm looking at!

Like I have any idea what I'm looking at!

Port Laoise

If it can't get from Port Laoise to Kill (30K), Mongolia is looking trickier that I thought.


New symbols appear on the inside of the bonnet (hood) could it be a sign!