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The Charities

Send a Cow: Since 1988 Send a Cow has given cows and other livestock to hundreds of poor African farmers - mainly women, orphans and disabled people. The animals provide milk and incomes, and their manure increases crop yields, combating poverty and malnutrition. Send a Cow also provides training and low-cost veterinary services.

Save the Children: in Mongolia: A third of Mongolian children live in poverty, exacerbated by the country's harsh winters. The first two years of this century have seen some of the harshest winters on record following on from very dry summers - over two million livestock died, farming was devastated and homeless people's lives were threatened.

Aside from the money the rally will raise for the above-mentioned charities. We will also be donating the car to some deserving person in Ulaanbaatar. So if you know of anybody in Mongolia who wants a Suzuki 4x4 most definitely raced and rallied and a lot of miles on the clock. Let us know.